The fact that I don’t have business cards yet was beginning to become a running joke in my small business Meetup group. Every month while other people passed around cards and marketing collaterals, all I could do was TALK about my God-centered lifestyle brand, Christian Culture and my first Christian e-book released under the brand, “Are You Gonna Believe God or Your Lying Eyes? The Smart Christian’s Guide to Walking by Faith” (Kindle version at; Nook version at; all other versions (ipad, PDF, rich text, etc.) at

Inevitably, somebody would ask for my card. I’d tell them I didn’t have one. They would say, “You don’t have a business card YET?” I would answer that no, I don’t have one yet and eventually be asked to write out my contact information on a piece of paper. People in the room would literally look at me (or maybe I was just a paranoid neurotic) like I smelled funny. Like instead of having good business sense, I had a business stench. Not having a business card has made me feel unprepared and unprofessional. Intellectually I realize it’s not that serious, but that tiny feeling of inferiority would always prompt me to explain that I am developing this business on a zero dollar budget. I would tell people I had chosen to put my limited funds into creating the logo and e-book first. They would tell me about Vistaprint like even a toddler could go online and order some cards. I would smile and thank them for the recommendation. However, though I realized (forever ago) that I could go on Vistaprint and get a business card for 2 cents and a cold chicken wing, I wanted something, although conservative, a little different from generic.

So this is for anybody I told I would make business cards my next project: the card has been designed. Okay, so it’s not printed yet, but before you give me the side eye, I am only one step away from having cards in my hands. As I type, my graphic designer, Michael Duncan, is getting a print quote for me, and I cannot wait to whip out my card while yelling, BAM! the next time somebody asks me, “Do you have a card?” My only dilemma now is that the website listed on the card is not live yet and probably won’t be for another couple months. Oh, well. LOL. All good things in time…

This week’s takeaway: Slowly But Surely, the pieces that make your business a real business do come together!

What pieces do you still need for your business and what are you doing to get it done?