It’s official. My first e-book is finished! Are You Gonna Believe God or Your Lying Eyes: The Smart Christian’s Guide to Walking by Faith looks absolutely amazing. I love it. When I started this scary, wonderful journey of starting a God-centered lifestyle brand I never thought I would be blessed enough to be part of something so grand. First of all, God gave me an opportunity to work with a very talented graphic designer, Brad Whitford of Whitford Creations. My oldest daughter looked at the design work and she said, “Wow. It looks so professional.” Now that I see the outcome, it made me think about something…even on a zero-dollar budget, a CEO must never skimp on quality. This doesn’t mean the e-book is the best thing since sliced bread. It doesn’t mean it gives Picasso a run for his money. But it means that if your intention is to create product with integrity and beauty on no budget, it IS possible. And that almost brings tears to my eyes to realize that with God, all things are possible.

There are some loose ends. I am biting my nails about getting the invoice. It’s actually not that much money. Only a few hundred bucks. But when you have bills multiplying like a pandemic mystery illness in a bad movie, it can make your pulse race a little. I mean, I’m the girl who is saving pennies by bringing flavor packets with me to restaurants so I can order free water instead of paying for soft drinks.

Then there’s the issue of my website. I secured the domain name ( on but right now that leads to the cyber black hole. It was a dilemma I did the best I could with. I didn’t want to release the book without listing a website and I didn’t have the money to get the website designed. At some point in this process I will have a beautiful website that actually leads somewhere.

But for right now, I have a finished product that is ready for public consumption and I am grateful for that. Are You Gonna Believe God or Your Lying Eyes: The Smart Christian’s Guide to Walking by Faith will be available on Amazon Kindle and Apple ibooks on Tuesday, August 23, 2011. It is also coming out on Smashwords. It is such a thrill that smack in the middle of a financial struggle, a flower like this somehow made its way through the concrete.

This week’s takeaway: Cut corners but never quality. People deserve your best work.

What can you do in your business to ensure you produce a quality product?