Today I have been in business for a month—that’s four weeks of putting my energies into this little engine that could.  I haven’t sold one book or t-shirt yet (my product designs are still in progress), but the company exists and I have a logo to prove it.  Its existence has definitely brought me some struggles.

Already I have shed tears over this process simply because it is a process and not a magic act where I can say ta-da and whip out a Fortune 100 company.  I have stressed about money and had to write a bad check this week because I used money from another bill to pay the graphic designer.  I have been frustrated by not being able to produce results at the rate I am used to.  I’ve felt like an utter failure because the building is so slow and there isn’t any tangible success that other people can see.

But overall I have to admit that building this God-centered lifestyle brand on a zero dollar budget is SATISFYING.  No 9 to 5 job has ever given me the joy and fulfillment I have every single day of this journey.  For me it is like bonding with my own baby as opposed to babysitting somebody else’s bad child.  There is a different level of commitment here. That is keeps me going.

So I celebrate my one-month business-a-versary.  I clap my hands over the small strides I made this week by doing a final edit to my e-books and sending them to the designer for cover art and formatting.  I say “it is good” to the DMV Small Business Meetup I went to on Thursday at the CEO Business Café in Greenbelt, Maryland where I:

  • gave my 30-second elevator pitch to a group of entrepreneurs who were very receptive
  • met a lady that can do my business cards
  • gave my information to three people who requested it, and
  • heard from the speaker how most all successful business owners started like me

This week’s takeaway:  Don’t despise small beginnings, applaud them

What baby steps are you making that deserve a hand?